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Dar Williams makes me bouncy. Happy music is fun. I just hopped back in my journal to what I was doing a year ago today. Ummm... heh. I was locked out of my car in the parking lot of the Wawa on the way to one of my many jobs, whereupon a guy who reposesses cars for a living arrived and valiantly broke into my car for me. :)

Wow. :)

I made my roomie Anna a cd of crazy big hair music. She saw "Monster" last week (twice) and is in love with that Journey song from the roller skating scene. Now I REALLY need to see this movie. But anyway, here's the track listing for the disc i made her:

1. Journey - "Any way you want it"
2. Bad English - "When I see you smile"
3. Journey - "Don't stop believing"
4. Mr. Big - "I'm the one who wants to be with you"
5. Journey - "Open Arms"
6. Firehouse - "Love of a Lifetime"
7. Styx - "Come Sail Away"
8. Journey - "Faithfully"
9. Poison - "Every Rose has it's thorn"
10. Def Leppard - "How do you talk to an angel"
11. Scorpions - "Winds of Change"
12. Extreme - "More than Words"
13. Guns 'N Roses - "Sweet Child 'O Mine"
14. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Love Rollercoaster"
15. Puddle of Mudd - "She Hates Me"
16. Two Nice Girls - "I spent my last $10"
17. Weezer - "Pink Triangle"

I apologize if some of the bands aren't right, but I just wanted the songs :)

So yup. I'm just chilling doing my thing today. Anna played Silent Hill all drunken yesterday. 'Twas really funny. She kept running into things. I watched "Underworld" courtesy of Kris, then I wrote my paper for Intro to Gay & Lesbian studies, my paper for "Intro to cultural and social anthropology", did my precalc homework, and read some of my bio notes. I'm a good home-worker!

I'm super nervous bout my first bio exam on wednesday. I hope it's not awful.

p.s. [livejournal.com profile] spicysk, let me just tell you how much your card rocked my world. I am now the proud owner of a picture of a naked lady with a knife, and two stickers. One says "kiss me, i'm a pirate", and the other says "i kiss girls" in rainbow letters.

hmmm... kissing girls... Yikes! I ought not to think about that for a bit, eh? Lord knows i'll just get carried away and start chasing girls around campus :) There's a really cute girl in my bio lecture... No! Bad brain!!

Trish (a girl from bio lecture, she's straight, so no, she's not the one i'm looking at in class) and I had lunch today. I don't mind paying for her, since I will NEVER be able to use all these meals in this plan.

So yeah, I think i'm going to organize my lab notebook. Should be fun :P NOT!!!
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