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Feb. 10th, 2004 04:15 pm
femmasaurusrex: Photograph of a woman with long curly hair wearing glasses and a bulky sweater (stare)
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again with the new hair, right? Well this time it's cuz i'm jealous of [ profile] newwavegirl's hair. Hers is awesome, and she's in London RIGHT NOW, and I had nothing else to do last night before precalc, so i made some hair and threw it in. I consider this a test run for braided-in dreads. I wanna see how long they last and how easy they are to take out. i alreayd know what a pain it is to put them in, although that could probably be remedied by having someone ELSE do it for me. I'm still having trouble getting them to look uniform, though. Some of the synthetic melts differently, 'tis very frustrating. Any advice would be appreciated. As usual, they're mostly behind the cut :)

i needed a frontal pic to get a good view of how scary i am when talking to people..

Look. I can smile. Really... see??

Seeeeeee!?!?!?? Again with the smiling.

Obligatory "from above" angle to make me look sultry and skinny at the same time

While I'm at it, many thanks to Colin for the plethora of picture space he's been kind enough to loan/give me. Can't wait for the site update. What is this new change you're up to???

Anyway, 'tis almost food time. Be back later.
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