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I'm in a good mood right now. I checked my mail and found that I got a present from my friend Michael in Singapore!!!!! He sent me a cute little bag!!! I think it's supposed to be a pencil case or makeup case or something, but it's adorable and i *heart* it muchly. Now i must find something to send to him! irc freinds rock. They're nice to me.

my gramma and grampa sent me a valentine. It's very cute and i love it, i'm just a tad bummed by the fact that i'm 23, and the only valentines i get are from my grandparents. blech.

Gramma got home from the hospital yesterday. Her knee replacement surgery was last week, and she told me all the horror stories about the hospital food. It's kind of strange talking to her and grampa, since they're my father's parents and they're very religious, so we have a hard time getting along. I always walk on eggshells when talking to them, and i only talk about the weather or other inconsequential things. I'm glad she's okay though.

I made new friends at school today. There's this gorgeous girl that i stared at my first week here. I always see her outside the Social Sciences building in the morning before my Anthro class. I usually just stare at her. Today i went over and asked if they had room for me there, and it turns out she and the guy standing next to her didn't know each other, so now i know them. We chatted for a minute then went to class. After class was over (stupid boring anthro lecture and i have an exam tuesday) I headed up to the Hub (food cafe place alternative to the d-hall), i saw Alex there and asked if she had anyone to sit with. She said she did, but I was welcome to join. So i met her friends Lauren and Lawrence. We laughed a lot, and they told me the story of how soybeans make soy milk. (it involved the capture of the wild soybean, and its transport to the soybean milking farm run by ants) Lawrence told me i have pretty eyes, so he has been dubbed my new boyfriend. Maybe some day i'll get the courage to make a pass at Alex. Until then i'm content to sit with her and imagine. She's from Uzbekistan, but lives in Brooklyn. Oi. she is hot.

what else, what else... I watched Arthur's tv show on PTV (purchase tv) last night about the portrayal of gays in the media. I called in twice, cuz there weren't many callers. The show was okay, the panel wasn't very animated, and there were more than the usual amount of harassing "faggot" calls, but it went relatively well.

TOnight is GLBTU, should be interesting. Anyway, i think i should do some homework... oi.


Date: 2004-02-12 02:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] beatmeister.livejournal.com
there was a hole in the space your bouyant persona used to fill downstairs at shampoo

i wandered

it wasnt there

Re: missed

Date: 2004-02-12 02:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] skarygrl.livejournal.com
i miss the club so much. I had friends there, and i could go out and be myself and not get picked on. And sometimes you'd show up and be my muscley knight man in shining goth clothes who would be very nice and sweet to me, and show all the jerkheads that good-looking people hang out with me, even though i'm no supermodel.

I feel kind of ostracized for trying to be happy here. It's like everything is working in concert to make me miserable. Oh well, maybe it's just the day... :)


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