Jan. 10th, 2004

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Yup, tonight was "the" event. After i got out of work i ran to the store, then waited for marie to show up so she could follow me to the bar. Anywho, we went down to fifth street, which was entertaining as all heck! It was me, Marie, Renee, Keiyona, Jacki and Jay. i work with all of them 'cept jay, he's jacki's fiance. So we're hangin out and drinking and havnig a decent time. We chatted about work, life, etc. Jacki and Jay had to go out bed shopping, so they left a bit early. Then Marie and I played "stupid pool", i.e. the pool where nobody really knows what they're doing, but it's fun anyway. So we're having fun, then [livejournal.com profile] beatmeister shows up. Yay!!!! So we chatted, played more stupid pool, then [livejournal.com profile] harlequinn and the lovely Sarah showed up. It was so great, cuz i didn't know if they'd make it, and it was an AWESOME surprise when they did. Not only that, but sarah gave me SWIZZLE STICKS. They're CATS! Tall skinny cats! Anywho, Renee picked a fight with one of the guys at the pool table who was muscling in on our game, so instead of brawling, she and Keiyona went to a club in the city. S'all good though, they called me, and they're having a blast. So [livejournal.com profile] harlequinn and sarah went to go get food, and then there were 3.

So we chilled for a while, then we went out and spent 20 minutes looking for Marie's wiper fluid reservoir, which ended up being wayyyyyy up by where the wiper blades start (dumb place for it). We all felt quite silly about it. So miss Marie went home, and [livejournal.com profile] beatmeister and i ran off to the diner for food, because darnit, we were hungry!@! We talked for the past two hours about EVERYTHING. About me being naughty with people (i'm feelin the guilt now, because of societal pressure, etc.), about our past, our family, theology (that debate always takes a "different" turn with us, because we're both very stubborn), music.... like i said, everything. ANywho, this promises to be fun...next sunday we're going out to Marie's house for an authentic italian dinner. She's makin me gnocchi!!! yay!!!!

Anyway, it was a fantastic night, and i had a great time. It meant TONS to me that people showed up!!! And at work today... i almost cried. They bought me flowers, and gave me a card that the whole office had written little notes in, and inside was $100 to help with school. I was really surprised. Then they bought me chinese food for lunch, and everybody brought in food and we had a fun lunch party. I was shocked. I mean...I've never had anybody make a big deal over me, so when co-workers do it, it shocks me. Especially because they managed to keep it a secret from me for so long. :) i know ALLL!!!! I am the great OZ!!!

Anyway, I'm going to Shampoo this wednesday (the 14th) to say my goodbyes. There are a lot of people that i'm going to miss. I hope that those in the area will be able to make it, and i hope it's as fun as tonight was. Thanks again to everyone who made it. :)


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