Jan. 12th, 2004

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Today was interesting... My first day home where I didn't have to work, and I STILL had to be up early. BAH HUMBUG! :)

I waited for the plumber for a couple hours this morning. He was coming to fix the jacuzzi , and i knew damn well that if i wasn't at least somewhat awake, i would sleep right through him knocking on the door. So i watched him make a couple repairs (i really get off on how guys don't think i know jack about mechanics, but then i make some allusion to how it's really similar to a particular car repair, and then their heads start spinning), and then handed him the phone. Despite YEARS of training, my mother refuses to believe that i can retain a shred of relevant information about things like that. it looks like the entire end of the tub enclosure must be cut open so he can get access for the last repair. (if it was me, i'd use a tile tool on a dremel, and just make the whole access panel bigger, but i know nothing, again)

Anywho, after taht it was "get dressed up for court" time. Yes, i wore a blouse, tailored pants, and a suit jacket. And yes, my hair was in a very conservative french twist with very conservative neutral makeup. I think it helped, since my punishment is to go collect the flags from teh cemetary down the street and return them to the court house. And all i had to pay were the court costs!!! ($50) FINALLY, i had a bit of good luck.

So now i'm home, mom and i ordered chinese food and stuffed our faces, and then i called my roomie from school. yes, i have a roomie, and yes, i live in an apartment. Yay!!! should be fun! I think we'll all get along well. My roomie (Robin) is a mellow philosophy major, and the other girl, Ana, sounds like she'll be wicked fun! Unfortunately there's a girl that they don't get along wtih in the apartment, but i'm not going to let that bother me. I'll just be my usual, noncommital self. So after an hour and a half on the phone with her, i think my roomie and i will get along just fine. :)

Now i'm off to haunt the internet with my insanity, and look for some raspberry sherbet, cuz it's so good. Oh yeah, and i'm listening to Bela Fleck's arrangements of classical pieces. WICKED cool!


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