Jan. 15th, 2004

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yes, that's right, i have NEW HAIR. If you don't like it, too bad. I just think it's amazing what one can do with a run-of-the-mill bob, some hair spray, and a buttload of Ben Nye Aqua glitter :) although i will say that Sarah's makeup looked WAY better. :) ah well, such is life :)

yup, that's my version of Johnny Rotten meets A Flock of Seagulls. I think it's funny, and functional!!!

p.s. the weather tonight SUCKED. i skidded at least 3 times each way. I will NEVER drive in this crap weather again. Regardless of whether or not it's my own damned party. :)

p.m.s. thanks to everyone who showed up. it really means a lot to me :)
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Okay, let me tell you all a little story. I was cruising around Goth Personals, and i saw this ad:

Psycho Whore warning... watch out

so i figured i'd drop her a little note, nothing serious. Well, she im'd me, and we chatted for a minute, but i had to go. Now this happened a couple more times, since i'm in the middle of packing for school, so i haven't got a lot of time to talk. Well today i msg'd her, and she got all pissy with me "why the fuck did you message me if you never fucking talk". Blah blah blah, all angry. So i felt bad, because it really was strained, and it wasn't her fault that i wasn't around. So i was calm and tried to ignore it, and just be nice. That didn't work. She started flipping out on me, and going NUTS. So whatever, i just closed the window and left it at that, no point in fighting. wrong.... she kept going and i lost my temper, but whatever.

jenovadark: Wel maybe we talk again
jenovadark: I'm not single
jenovadark: lol
skarygrl666: alright then. you're not single.... so we don't have any reason to talk anyway, do we?
jenovadark: I got 4 gf'
jenovadark: gf's
jenovadark: Yas
skarygrl666: 4 gf's?
jenovadark: Yep
jenovadark: We could have had fun
skarygrl666: yup. now i'm really glad we're not going to talk. i doubt we could have had any fun
jenovadark: lol
jenovadark: Whatever
skarygrl666: i don't agree with liars, polyamoury, and pretentious angry people
skarygrl666: bye
jenovadark: Sorr if your sooooo holy that you can't handle more then one girl
jenovadark: lol
jenovadark: Well I don't deal with sad stuck up bitches so bye

Now, before anybody flips out, I don't agree with polyamoury for myself. Other people can do what they want, and some people i know are actually quite happy and comfortable with their polyamorous selves. They know how it works, adn it works for them. :) (you know who you are)

so i ignored her. Then she warned me 5 times in a row. So now my warning level is RETARDEDLY high. THat makes me really angry.

so now i'm venting about it here. Why? because this girl acts like she's 8, not 20. I doubt she's 20, and i doubt she has more sense in her head than a freakin walnut. Now i'm crumpy, and if i found this girl, i'd probably beat her mercilessly about the face and neck. I"m so angry that i could actually physically harm another human being. Unprovoked, psychotic attacks by random internet people can easily ruin my day. What right does she have to treat me like that? She doesn't even KNOW me! I was just trying to be nice, and i get attacked for it. Lame... very lame.

but i will admit that it's pretty funny that she called me a "sad, pretentious bitch". Cuz really, i'm not. :)


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