Jan. 23rd, 2004

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riiiiiight. I tried to get into Chinese Philosophy yesterday for my Other World Civ. class, only to find that it's "chock full 0'nuts". In other words, i had no classes yesterday, and am waiting for a spot so i can add/drop it. This morning I had Bio lecture, which was alright, but damn... i fell asleep again. I don't know what's wrong with me, but i can't stay awake during class. Fark. Anyway, i went to lunch, and messed up my order so instead of getting the meal i could use my meal plan for, i had to pay cash. That was NOT cool.

After lunch i braved the arctic again to go to lab. Only to discover that lab doesn't start until next week. Ummm.... ohhhhhhhhkay. At least i was sort of lucky, there was one guy there who had come all the way from New York as a commuter. School is very disorganized, they didn't put that information on the class schedule, so he had come in for nothing. Oi. On a brighter note, i helped some nice boy find one of the campus buildings, so i feel like i at least accomplished SOMETHING. However, i have already forgetten said nice boy's name. Oh well.

So now i have nothing else to do today. I guess that's kind of a good thing, but then again, it sucks. None of my roomies are home. We're all getting along, which is good. Last night we watched Mulholland Drive and theorized about what the hell it was all actually about. Random....

I think Ana's adjusting well. We talked last night about how it's weird for her to live with another gay person. She's been the only one of the roomies for a long time. I misunderstood at first, turns out that Nicole's engaged, and Robin's boy is coming this weekend. So that leaves Ana and me, the insane lesbians of the room. Ana usually goes out to parties, so i'll probably be spending my weekend figuring out how to stay out of everyone's way, and looking for my car registration. Oi. Eeeeeeeeevil. I need it to register my car to park here. Anyway, i'm stressed, so i think i'm gonna go read for a bit.


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