Jan. 25th, 2004


Jan. 25th, 2004 02:37 pm
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i'm frustrated a lot. I have tons to do, again, and i can't get into an 'other world civ." course, which is fucking with the core credits i need to take.

This weekend was slightly strained, as my roomie had a boy over, so i was avoiding the room after that one time they were making out naked. Blah. SUCKED. Anyway, now the boy is gone, and his friend, too. So i'm sitting here trying to figure out my schedule, etc.

I"m frustrated with people. I'm fighting with my mum, again. I can never trust her with anything, because it never gets taken care of. School is sucky because everyone knows each other and only talk to their "friends'. What a clique-ey school. Anywho, I guess i shall just have to stick it out and hope it gets better.

My birthday is soon, and i don't want it. In fact, i hope that day disappears entirely. i'm sick of being old, older than everyone, and now there's no chance i shall find anyone to love me here. That upsets me, and there's nothing i can do about it. Blah. this has turned into a depressing "boo hoo, pity me" kind of update. Ghetto.

Enough of that, i'm going to go read.
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I love my sister to death, but sometimes i'd really like to kick her ass. apparently she was piss drunk last night, and tried to get her friend out of the bathroom, where he was heaving his guts out. That didn't work, so she did 3 lines of coke and took his car to go home, ended up sliding sideways towards a telephone pole, and managed to turn the car just in time. So she's not dead, and she called to tell me, all proud, about how she saved the car from sliding into the pole.

I am so frustrated with her. I really am. I swear she'll be dead by the end of the year.

She also told me how she's not going to college anymore because she has two jobs now, doing construction for $7/hr under the table, and another as a cashier for $5/hr. under the table. Apparently a legal job is too much for her to handle.

I can't believe she's doing coke again, though. Really.... I mean, we went through this 2 years ago. After my little incident with that shit, she quit, and she even kicked out her roomie for being a cokehead that would steal from her. She just laughed on the phone when she told me she did a line with said ex-roomie the other day.

I can't handle the strain of this crap, anymore. I love my sister to death, but really...this is getting to be too much. I can't stand to watch her do this to herself. *sigh* And there's not a thing i can do about it from here. I"m too far away to help her, and it kills me.


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