Jan. 30th, 2004

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At the moment I'm procrastinating. Yes.... again with the procrastination. I had lecture from 10:30 til noon, then i ran and got some food so i could come back for my bio lab from 1:30 to 4:30. Lucky me, they ran over :P grrrrrrrr Today we got to look at different types of cells in tissues, and my lab teacher is ridonculous. She's a first year med school student who has obviously never taught a lab class. That's unfortunate for us. Not only that, but my lab group is.... well..... different. I spent most of today's lab teaching the guy next to me how to use a microscope. Duh. Maybe i'm being elitist, but really now. if you're going to be in the pre-med program, at least take the time to acquaint yourself with the equipment.

Anyway, today's professor for lecture cracked me up. She's a riot. She even gave somebody the business for talking during her lecture, and I quote "You, miss, in the back. You're talking during my lecture. I shall make sure that you are identified, and hopefully you will SHUT. UP. I hope I am not being too subtle". After which she continued her lecture. LOL! This lady ROCKS. And she's a bit older, so it was even funnier! Anyway, today we learned about the 12 cranial nerves, the systems they control, whether they're motor or sensory nerves (efferent or afferent), then we learned about basic nerve structure, including the myelin sheath.

That helped a bit in my bio lab, since we were assigned nerve cells as our cell group to look at. There were three different things we had to illustrate: motor neurons (parts and functions), nerve fibers (myelin sheath, nodes of ranvier, schwann and glial cells), and motor nerve endings (neuromuscular junctions, blah blah blah). As usual, our group was done first, and i led the way. I don't know what's with my exhibitionist bent coming through when it's teaching time, but for some reason i enjoy imparting knowledge. So today was a good day, but i'm wickedly tired and don't really want to do homework.

I need a girlfriend. Badly. If i don't find something to take my mind off of these crazy things, i'm going to go mad. Yes. Mad.

Yesterday emmyjane and amy and i went to an anime club meeting. 'Twas fun, all about the cyberpunk genre. We ducked out to head over to the GLBTU meeting, only to find out that they're not really starting til next week. S'all good though, cuz we ran back to anime club and watched the screening of "Ghost in the Shell". Nifty movie, i dug it, for sure. AND we watched it in japanese with english subtitles. The way EVERY good anime should be watched.

Madonna-rama is tomorrow. I think that i shall go, although i'm not sure what i should wear. I'm really pondering gothing it up just to go and be funny. Although, i'm pondering avoiding embarassment any more this week. After all, i still haven't fixed that hole.

Right, well, enough procrastination for me. i'm off to do some lovely anthropology homework. *puke*
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Actually, more to advertise the fact that i'm a very distracted friend. Back in the day when [livejournal.com profile] meljthelotus and i took a trip out to Shampoo, i took a bunch of photos of her, cuz she looked very German and cute, and i've only now gotten around to resizing them, so i shall post them here and see how long it takes her to freak out :)

1940's Burlesque Star Revealed!!!!!! )

isn't she so cute???? Yup. I have cute friends.


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