Pity Party

Feb. 2nd, 2004 03:39 pm
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I was going to avoid lj altogether, just to see if anyone would notice I wasn't around. I don't really want to be making this update, either, but here i am. This depression is insane, and i can't stand it.

I fought with my father because he COMPLETELY misunderstood me and was cruel as a result. Then my mother called me and burst into tears again because she's stressed out, then my sister called me piss drunk from the strip club, telling me she was going to do a set and hope she didn't fall off the stage. After that, a friend online started badgering me about getting back into music, not comprehending that THAT is the one thing that tears me apart every day, and i can't stand to be around.

My birthday is soon, and i wish it would just hurry up and get over with. School is ridiculous, i've spent over $500 on books, and now i've just spent $90 for the illustrious privelege of parking on campus. There are NO job openings, I'm stressed out of my mind, I hate my family, they all hate me, and i've yet to meet anyone worth talking to on campus. Now all i have to ask myself is what the hell posessed me to attempt going back to college. I could've developed a suitably isolating pot habit, become an alcoholic, and been a malcontent in a shitty office job. At least then I'd have enough money to survive and the occasional shitty straight sex to keep me from losing my mind. Cuz lord knows there's not a girl out there who would date me, and all because of how fat i am.

I'm sick and tired of life, it's revolting to me, and everyone in it can go to hell for their closed-minded attitudes and ridiculous obsession with the societal norm of "pretty".

There now. Aren't you all glad I updated? I'm sure.
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In the darkness it is just you and I,
our hot breath mingling like a debutante at her ball.
You're reaching out for some anchor, someone
to hold you against the sea of broken hearts.
What are a few whispered i love you's,
from the fumbling lips of a lover scorned?
All I do is trust you, like you trusted them,
not to break me and leave me bleeding.
In my mind we fit together perfectly,
like pieces of a forbidden puzzle.
Making vows under the covers, love's promises
vanish under the scrutiny of daylight.
You can only let yourself love me when nobody sees.
Folding yourself neatly into that perfect, fitted box,
my love is not enough.
It will never be enough to keep you from running back,
to your hiding place under the mantle of heterosexuality.
And I will never be able to shackle myself,
rob myself of my choice of love, that i fought so hard for.
So I lay here in the dark, loving the feel of you against me,
our limbs tangled together in a pulsing knot of joy.
What are a few pretty words from lips that lie?
I slip away in the night, leaving a bit of my heart behind,
my tears tracing the path of my feet, towards freedom.
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Actually, more to advertise the fact that i'm a very distracted friend. Back in the day when [livejournal.com profile] meljthelotus and i took a trip out to Shampoo, i took a bunch of photos of her, cuz she looked very German and cute, and i've only now gotten around to resizing them, so i shall post them here and see how long it takes her to freak out :)

1940's Burlesque Star Revealed!!!!!! )

isn't she so cute???? Yup. I have cute friends.
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At the moment I'm procrastinating. Yes.... again with the procrastination. I had lecture from 10:30 til noon, then i ran and got some food so i could come back for my bio lab from 1:30 to 4:30. Lucky me, they ran over :P grrrrrrrr Today we got to look at different types of cells in tissues, and my lab teacher is ridonculous. She's a first year med school student who has obviously never taught a lab class. That's unfortunate for us. Not only that, but my lab group is.... well..... different. I spent most of today's lab teaching the guy next to me how to use a microscope. Duh. Maybe i'm being elitist, but really now. if you're going to be in the pre-med program, at least take the time to acquaint yourself with the equipment.

Anyway, today's professor for lecture cracked me up. She's a riot. She even gave somebody the business for talking during her lecture, and I quote "You, miss, in the back. You're talking during my lecture. I shall make sure that you are identified, and hopefully you will SHUT. UP. I hope I am not being too subtle". After which she continued her lecture. LOL! This lady ROCKS. And she's a bit older, so it was even funnier! Anyway, today we learned about the 12 cranial nerves, the systems they control, whether they're motor or sensory nerves (efferent or afferent), then we learned about basic nerve structure, including the myelin sheath.

That helped a bit in my bio lab, since we were assigned nerve cells as our cell group to look at. There were three different things we had to illustrate: motor neurons (parts and functions), nerve fibers (myelin sheath, nodes of ranvier, schwann and glial cells), and motor nerve endings (neuromuscular junctions, blah blah blah). As usual, our group was done first, and i led the way. I don't know what's with my exhibitionist bent coming through when it's teaching time, but for some reason i enjoy imparting knowledge. So today was a good day, but i'm wickedly tired and don't really want to do homework.

I need a girlfriend. Badly. If i don't find something to take my mind off of these crazy things, i'm going to go mad. Yes. Mad.

Yesterday emmyjane and amy and i went to an anime club meeting. 'Twas fun, all about the cyberpunk genre. We ducked out to head over to the GLBTU meeting, only to find out that they're not really starting til next week. S'all good though, cuz we ran back to anime club and watched the screening of "Ghost in the Shell". Nifty movie, i dug it, for sure. AND we watched it in japanese with english subtitles. The way EVERY good anime should be watched.

Madonna-rama is tomorrow. I think that i shall go, although i'm not sure what i should wear. I'm really pondering gothing it up just to go and be funny. Although, i'm pondering avoiding embarassment any more this week. After all, i still haven't fixed that hole.

Right, well, enough procrastination for me. i'm off to do some lovely anthropology homework. *puke*
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Oi. A bunch of drunk pirates were yelling out the window as i walked by, and invited me up for a shot. So i went. Then i went on a beer run with Molly, and we brought back more alcohol. Then I had 2 shots of tequila, 3 shots of rum, 2 mini bottles of Jaeger, and 3 beers. And i got drunk. Then i fell down the stairs, and ran outta there. Apparently, my little trip down the stairs put a big hole in the wall. So, tomorrow one of the guys from the house is going to come with me to Home Depot, and we are going to buy the things to fix said hole in the wall. Damn. I really hate that. And the worst part is, i had NO knowledge of the putting of the hole in the wall. Tequila is FIRED.

Right, well, i just woke up from my 3 hours of "sleep it off" time, so i'm going to find something useful to do. Besides sleep.


Jan. 28th, 2004 10:15 am
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I've become horribly lazy about updating. Oh well, today i have a


so i can do whatever i want. I should like to start by saying that pre-calc is the devil, and while it is relatively easy now, i can see it becoming horrific, shortly. Lucky me, lucky me (singing) no Bio lecture today!!! yay!!! The crappy part is that i also have no Intro to Gay & Lesbian Studies class... *cry* That's the one thing I've been looking forward to this week, and stupid snow day has cancelled it on me :P Bah Humbug! Round about 2p.m. today i find out if i have precalc class tonight. Joy of joys. Although, i'd rather have that, since it's a subject i'm not too fabulous at, yet.

This school is pretty decent. Most classes don't start til 10:30 or later. Yay! And since almost all classes are worth 4 credits, well... i'm getting much credit for little work. I mean, fer cripes sakes, i had 2 days a week where i had NO classes. That's just CRAYZEE!!! That's fixed now, though.

My Schedule: (so i don't get lost)

Monday: Bio Lecture, Precalc
Tuesday: Intro to Cultural and Social Anthropology
Wednesday: Bio Lecture, Intro to Gay & Les. Studies, Precalc
Thursday: Intro to Cult. and Soc. Anthro
Friday: Bio Lecture, Bio Lab

ummm... that's the LEAST exhausting course schedule i've ever had, for sure. And with any luck i'll place out of the "college writing" requirement, since i got a 4 on the AP English Lit exam. Yay! Anyway, it's frickin freezing here, an there's snow, so i'm goign to crawl back into my bed and warm up. Oi!
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How many people have a crush on skarygrl?
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oh well, such is life :) Anywho, i know who i have crushes on, but hey... if i haven't told them yet, then there's a REASON :)I'm biding my time, until i make my move and embarass myself. :)

now look at these cute results!!!!

skarygrl's LiveJournal Secret Crush Stats
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No Crush

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So... All you secret and public crushers, get to telling!!!!! I had no idea... unless you just said that to make me feel better, in which case i will plant a steel toe in your arse. Yes.
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yup, talked to two more people today, both from precalc. Max with the winter hat with the devil horns on it, and his friend (probably roomie) Stephen (steven not steffan) :)

anywho, FINALLY people will talk to me
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Well, not really, but i did have a bit of luck today... Went to bio lecture and sat next to the nice boy from last week. Turns out his name's Brian. I cheated and looked at his survey paper before he handed it in.

lecture was sort of boring, as usual. The teacher is SOOOOO strange, she'll ask a series of rhetorical questions, then she'll ask a question that she wants an answer to, and if there aren't 20 hands in the air within 10 seconds she yells "THINK, PEOPLE!!!". She's like... a semi-elderly, tiny, angry british woman. I felt quite the dunce today, because I knew the answers to the questions she'd asked, but was too shy to raise my hand.

Luckily, class ended shortly thereafter. Despite the fact that she ran over lecture time by almost 10 minutes. :P Anyway, I chatted for a minute or two after class with a girl i'd seen during our advising in the bio department. We parted ways, and she went to sit on the benches in the lobby of the building, and i went outside for a smoke, intending to go back to the apartment for lunch. Well, miraculously i grew some sort of nuts in that few minutes, turned around, went back inside, and asked her if she wanted to go to lunch. And i even paid for it, too. Well, my dining plan paid for it, but oh well. No biggie. As we were walking to lunch we saw another person i'd met on orientation day, Adam, so i told him that we get out of bio lecture at noon on monday, wednesday and friday, and asked if he'd like to join us. Unfortunately, he was already on his way out of the dining hall, but he said he'd definitely find us on wednesday.

So i'm a bit happier about finding people to chat with. It helps my horrid depression, which nearly got me last night. I was in a mood, and didn't notice how horrid i was until one of my roomies asked me what was wrong. :P Blah.

But yeah, emmy jane is coming to visit today, because neither of us have class until tonight. Lucky me, tonight begins the odyssey I call pre-calc. Kill me now. However, i might be lucky enough to already have a tutor in the subject, as one of emily's on-campus friends, Amy, is taking calculus this year, and might be inclined to help me out with some of my work. After all, I haven't taken a math course in about 5 years. I'm afraid I won't know what the hell to do with myself, and that scares me. Oi.

Alright, enough of that, i'm off to write to my bio prof from last semester, and tell her how much i wish she was teaching our lectures. :)
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I love my sister to death, but sometimes i'd really like to kick her ass. apparently she was piss drunk last night, and tried to get her friend out of the bathroom, where he was heaving his guts out. That didn't work, so she did 3 lines of coke and took his car to go home, ended up sliding sideways towards a telephone pole, and managed to turn the car just in time. So she's not dead, and she called to tell me, all proud, about how she saved the car from sliding into the pole.

I am so frustrated with her. I really am. I swear she'll be dead by the end of the year.

She also told me how she's not going to college anymore because she has two jobs now, doing construction for $7/hr under the table, and another as a cashier for $5/hr. under the table. Apparently a legal job is too much for her to handle.

I can't believe she's doing coke again, though. Really.... I mean, we went through this 2 years ago. After my little incident with that shit, she quit, and she even kicked out her roomie for being a cokehead that would steal from her. She just laughed on the phone when she told me she did a line with said ex-roomie the other day.

I can't handle the strain of this crap, anymore. I love my sister to death, but really...this is getting to be too much. I can't stand to watch her do this to herself. *sigh* And there's not a thing i can do about it from here. I"m too far away to help her, and it kills me.


Jan. 25th, 2004 02:37 pm
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i'm frustrated a lot. I have tons to do, again, and i can't get into an 'other world civ." course, which is fucking with the core credits i need to take.

This weekend was slightly strained, as my roomie had a boy over, so i was avoiding the room after that one time they were making out naked. Blah. SUCKED. Anyway, now the boy is gone, and his friend, too. So i'm sitting here trying to figure out my schedule, etc.

I"m frustrated with people. I'm fighting with my mum, again. I can never trust her with anything, because it never gets taken care of. School is sucky because everyone knows each other and only talk to their "friends'. What a clique-ey school. Anywho, I guess i shall just have to stick it out and hope it gets better.

My birthday is soon, and i don't want it. In fact, i hope that day disappears entirely. i'm sick of being old, older than everyone, and now there's no chance i shall find anyone to love me here. That upsets me, and there's nothing i can do about it. Blah. this has turned into a depressing "boo hoo, pity me" kind of update. Ghetto.

Enough of that, i'm going to go read.
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riiiiiight. I tried to get into Chinese Philosophy yesterday for my Other World Civ. class, only to find that it's "chock full 0'nuts". In other words, i had no classes yesterday, and am waiting for a spot so i can add/drop it. This morning I had Bio lecture, which was alright, but damn... i fell asleep again. I don't know what's wrong with me, but i can't stay awake during class. Fark. Anyway, i went to lunch, and messed up my order so instead of getting the meal i could use my meal plan for, i had to pay cash. That was NOT cool.

After lunch i braved the arctic again to go to lab. Only to discover that lab doesn't start until next week. Ummm.... ohhhhhhhhkay. At least i was sort of lucky, there was one guy there who had come all the way from New York as a commuter. School is very disorganized, they didn't put that information on the class schedule, so he had come in for nothing. Oi. On a brighter note, i helped some nice boy find one of the campus buildings, so i feel like i at least accomplished SOMETHING. However, i have already forgetten said nice boy's name. Oh well.

So now i have nothing else to do today. I guess that's kind of a good thing, but then again, it sucks. None of my roomies are home. We're all getting along, which is good. Last night we watched Mulholland Drive and theorized about what the hell it was all actually about. Random....

I think Ana's adjusting well. We talked last night about how it's weird for her to live with another gay person. She's been the only one of the roomies for a long time. I misunderstood at first, turns out that Nicole's engaged, and Robin's boy is coming this weekend. So that leaves Ana and me, the insane lesbians of the room. Ana usually goes out to parties, so i'll probably be spending my weekend figuring out how to stay out of everyone's way, and looking for my car registration. Oi. Eeeeeeeeevil. I need it to register my car to park here. Anyway, i'm stressed, so i think i'm gonna go read for a bit.


Jan. 20th, 2004 11:07 pm
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i am SO freaking tired. Move-in was a fiasco and a half. Anyway, we got here late cuz i had a meltdown this morning. I thought i'd lost my license and credit cards. I always keep them in the same place, and they weren't there, so we turned around and came home to check my old coat's pockets, and they weren't there. I was bawling my eyes out, searching all over the house. Then my mom looked in some random side pocket of my purse and found them. I am stupid.

So we left a little late, but it's all good. We only took one wrong turn, and even that wasn't so bad. We just got stuck in a little north jersey traffic. We took routes 1&9 North past Manhattan and got a really sweetass view of the Empire State Building. Anywho, that joy didn't last long once we arrived.

Turns out that there are NO move-in carts (Eastman had move-in carts, and helpers), also... you can't DRIVE up to your apartment, NoooOOOooo that would make too much sense, you have to WALK from the lot 8 bajillion miles from your car up a steep ramp and down two streets to get to my apt. Yeah. Whatever. So mom and i went adventuring in White Plains (that city is the devil) for a rolly cart to transport my stuffs. Luckily for us we found one!!! Then we made 9 trips back and forth, up the stairs and down, up the ramp and down, BLAH! Every muscle in my body aches, my legs can't bear to walk anymore, and my TV and VCR are still out in the car, because we couldn't bear to bring them in. We were so overworked in the muscles that they were shaking/spasming while we sat down. YIKES!!Not too shabby, though, for an overweight, asthmatic smoker and her almost 50-yr.-old mom.

So then i got lost trying to find the dining hall. Apparently, this school doesn't believe in maps for freshmen. GHEY!!! :) Finally i found it and had a decent dinner. Typical caf food. I had a salad, half a slice of mushroom pizza, some cucumber and tomato salad, and a bowl of mixed up granola, tropical fruit cup, and cottage cheese. it was GOOOOOOOD. :) And some calorie-free raspberry flavoured water. YUM!!!!

so now i've unpacked, stashed my boxes, etc., and am ready for a nice long shower before bed. Oi. I think i might be in bed before midnight tonight. Imagine that....

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] harlequinn, your camcorder is still at my house. My mum knows where it is, so she can give it to you if you can be a dear and get there before January 28th (that's when she's moving)

SAME GOES FOR YOU, [livejournal.com profile] meljthelotus, i think i have half your wardrobe in my room. :)
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again, with the packing of the things in the bins and the boxes and things.

Anywho, i was lucky enough to have help tonight. After my snarky attitude, Lee and Sarah still braved the roads to come. Yay!!! Lee brought me YooHoo, which makes him king.

Anyway, Sarah took charge and things got done! Yay!!! Now i'm tired. Sarah and i took the time to bond as "glowstick sisters", after which she tied the glowsticks into the pieces of lace hanging from her burger king crown. (i have a LOT of weird stuff in my room). It was rather entertaining :)

So then mom and I brought everything downstairs, loaded up her car, then switched spots. Rocking my car out of it's spot SUCKED. What sucked even worse is when she was scraping my windshield off to help me, and bent my wiper blade 8 ways to Sunday. The one on the driver's side. *sigh*

so tomorrow morning i shall be swapping the blades and praying that the passenger side one is semi-usable. Damn. Anyway, my car is half packed, and there's very little left for us to do. Yay!!!! Hopefully this will all go smoothly. it would be nice....

Anyway, i need to sleep. Gotta leave early. Wish me luck, i'm absolutely terrified.
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three new people added me!!! yay!!!!!!!

[livejournal.com profile] gryeygrl, [livejournal.com profile] chartreusediva, and [livejournal.com profile] thatpr0nguy

now... if only i knew who you were...

well, 'cept for you, [livejournal.com profile] gryeygrl :) you're part of the magical "karaoke clan" :)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] phaedra_scythe!!!!!!!!

You rock my proverbial socks, my fantabulous brit queen. :)
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Went to Hairtown today. What a blast!!! I walked in and nearly fell over. First off, i was the only white girl for miles, but it's all good. Cheltenham isn't half bad during the day, secondly, i had my bright purple hair. How FUN! I had three different people stop me and ask me about it. Totally unexpected, since i was in hairtown, of all places. So i did my shoppin round and got some AWESOME stuffs.

I got:
4 bags of silky black yaki hair
1 bag of blonde yaki
1 bag of burgundy yaki

the following silky jumbo:
cotton candy pink
hot pink
light purple

(one bag each)

half a track of purple weave hair that matches my bangs PERFECTLY
a fuschia w/silver sparkles hair scarf
and a big pack of hair ties with a ball on either end for little kids' pigtails

YAY!!! it was a fun trip. I talked hair with the ladies for a long time. I told them how i tied bits of synthetic hair in with my plain black track for different coloured highlights in my bangs, and they looked at me like i was some kind of crazy person.


anywho, it was a fun day, and i'm still not packed all the way. YIKES!@!! i did pack my altar and my VCR and movies, tho :) yay!!
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med records are being faxed to dr.'s office
half of the clothes of DOOM are packed
all makeup has been sorted, organized, and packed (trust me, this is really an accomplishment)

now all i have left to do is... EVERYTHING ELSE

however, i did get my new hair done. It's not quite what i wanted, but it'll fade out in time to a lighter shade :)

no laughing at my no-makeup self, the pic is for hair evaluation purposes only

(pssst! [livejournal.com profile] folkypunk, i finally have hair that might almost compare to some of your funky colourations :) )

EDIT: I took another pic cuz i didn't like that one

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Yeah, while transferring files over to my new puter i found a bunch of pics of me with various people all headed out to shampoo, or at shampoo. :) hahah!!! I figured i'd post them here as evidence that these people hung out with me.

Warning!!! Photo Overload!!!! )

oh yeah, and here's the very first goth pic of me wearing something i made. This pic is circa 1997/1998:

wow... i was such a nutjob... i had no sense of style... :) good to see that some things never change.
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Okay, let me tell you all a little story. I was cruising around Goth Personals, and i saw this ad:

Psycho Whore warning... watch out

so i figured i'd drop her a little note, nothing serious. Well, she im'd me, and we chatted for a minute, but i had to go. Now this happened a couple more times, since i'm in the middle of packing for school, so i haven't got a lot of time to talk. Well today i msg'd her, and she got all pissy with me "why the fuck did you message me if you never fucking talk". Blah blah blah, all angry. So i felt bad, because it really was strained, and it wasn't her fault that i wasn't around. So i was calm and tried to ignore it, and just be nice. That didn't work. She started flipping out on me, and going NUTS. So whatever, i just closed the window and left it at that, no point in fighting. wrong.... she kept going and i lost my temper, but whatever.

jenovadark: Wel maybe we talk again
jenovadark: I'm not single
jenovadark: lol
skarygrl666: alright then. you're not single.... so we don't have any reason to talk anyway, do we?
jenovadark: I got 4 gf'
jenovadark: gf's
jenovadark: Yas
skarygrl666: 4 gf's?
jenovadark: Yep
jenovadark: We could have had fun
skarygrl666: yup. now i'm really glad we're not going to talk. i doubt we could have had any fun
jenovadark: lol
jenovadark: Whatever
skarygrl666: i don't agree with liars, polyamoury, and pretentious angry people
skarygrl666: bye
jenovadark: Sorr if your sooooo holy that you can't handle more then one girl
jenovadark: lol
jenovadark: Well I don't deal with sad stuck up bitches so bye

Now, before anybody flips out, I don't agree with polyamoury for myself. Other people can do what they want, and some people i know are actually quite happy and comfortable with their polyamorous selves. They know how it works, adn it works for them. :) (you know who you are)

so i ignored her. Then she warned me 5 times in a row. So now my warning level is RETARDEDLY high. THat makes me really angry.

so now i'm venting about it here. Why? because this girl acts like she's 8, not 20. I doubt she's 20, and i doubt she has more sense in her head than a freakin walnut. Now i'm crumpy, and if i found this girl, i'd probably beat her mercilessly about the face and neck. I"m so angry that i could actually physically harm another human being. Unprovoked, psychotic attacks by random internet people can easily ruin my day. What right does she have to treat me like that? She doesn't even KNOW me! I was just trying to be nice, and i get attacked for it. Lame... very lame.

but i will admit that it's pretty funny that she called me a "sad, pretentious bitch". Cuz really, i'm not. :)
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