Jan. 20th, 2004

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again, with the packing of the things in the bins and the boxes and things.

Anywho, i was lucky enough to have help tonight. After my snarky attitude, Lee and Sarah still braved the roads to come. Yay!!! Lee brought me YooHoo, which makes him king.

Anyway, Sarah took charge and things got done! Yay!!! Now i'm tired. Sarah and i took the time to bond as "glowstick sisters", after which she tied the glowsticks into the pieces of lace hanging from her burger king crown. (i have a LOT of weird stuff in my room). It was rather entertaining :)

So then mom and I brought everything downstairs, loaded up her car, then switched spots. Rocking my car out of it's spot SUCKED. What sucked even worse is when she was scraping my windshield off to help me, and bent my wiper blade 8 ways to Sunday. The one on the driver's side. *sigh*

so tomorrow morning i shall be swapping the blades and praying that the passenger side one is semi-usable. Damn. Anyway, my car is half packed, and there's very little left for us to do. Yay!!!! Hopefully this will all go smoothly. it would be nice....

Anyway, i need to sleep. Gotta leave early. Wish me luck, i'm absolutely terrified.


Jan. 20th, 2004 11:07 pm
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i am SO freaking tired. Move-in was a fiasco and a half. Anyway, we got here late cuz i had a meltdown this morning. I thought i'd lost my license and credit cards. I always keep them in the same place, and they weren't there, so we turned around and came home to check my old coat's pockets, and they weren't there. I was bawling my eyes out, searching all over the house. Then my mom looked in some random side pocket of my purse and found them. I am stupid.

So we left a little late, but it's all good. We only took one wrong turn, and even that wasn't so bad. We just got stuck in a little north jersey traffic. We took routes 1&9 North past Manhattan and got a really sweetass view of the Empire State Building. Anywho, that joy didn't last long once we arrived.

Turns out that there are NO move-in carts (Eastman had move-in carts, and helpers), also... you can't DRIVE up to your apartment, NoooOOOooo that would make too much sense, you have to WALK from the lot 8 bajillion miles from your car up a steep ramp and down two streets to get to my apt. Yeah. Whatever. So mom and i went adventuring in White Plains (that city is the devil) for a rolly cart to transport my stuffs. Luckily for us we found one!!! Then we made 9 trips back and forth, up the stairs and down, up the ramp and down, BLAH! Every muscle in my body aches, my legs can't bear to walk anymore, and my TV and VCR are still out in the car, because we couldn't bear to bring them in. We were so overworked in the muscles that they were shaking/spasming while we sat down. YIKES!!Not too shabby, though, for an overweight, asthmatic smoker and her almost 50-yr.-old mom.

So then i got lost trying to find the dining hall. Apparently, this school doesn't believe in maps for freshmen. GHEY!!! :) Finally i found it and had a decent dinner. Typical caf food. I had a salad, half a slice of mushroom pizza, some cucumber and tomato salad, and a bowl of mixed up granola, tropical fruit cup, and cottage cheese. it was GOOOOOOOD. :) And some calorie-free raspberry flavoured water. YUM!!!!

so now i've unpacked, stashed my boxes, etc., and am ready for a nice long shower before bed. Oi. I think i might be in bed before midnight tonight. Imagine that....

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] harlequinn, your camcorder is still at my house. My mum knows where it is, so she can give it to you if you can be a dear and get there before January 28th (that's when she's moving)

SAME GOES FOR YOU, [livejournal.com profile] meljthelotus, i think i have half your wardrobe in my room. :)


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